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Corridor Title deeply serves the Austin-San Antonio Region from offices strategically located in Austin, Dripping Springs, New Braunfels and San Marcos. The significant experience of members within Corridor Title's Professional Team, as well as their ability to collaborate in support of the firm's valued clients, positions Corridor Title to handle the most complex of transactions across its compelling footprint, and to do so with professionalism and a commitment to delivering world-class service.

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Executive Management Team
Patrick Rose, President
Erin Campbell, SVP, Title & Compliance
Laura Dupont, SVP, Development & Operations
Kim Fernea, SVP, Development & Operations
Jayne Heckmann, CFO & SVP, Corporate Support

Residential Strategic Leadership Team
Rachel Muennink, Lead Escrow Officer, Austin
Christy Braun, Leader Escrow Officer, Dripping Springs
Chris Wilson, Lead Escrow Officer, New Braunfels
Carly Griblin, Lead Escrow Officer, San Marcos
Lauren Finnegan, Development, Austin
Denise Schroeder, Development, Dripping Springs
Heidi Aleman, Development, New Braunfels
Keely Sonlitner, Development, San Marcos

Commercial Strategic Leadership Team
Cindy Carroll, Lead Escrow Officer
Gina Kufrovich, Lead Escrow Officer
Zach Biales, Development
Builder Strategic Leadership Team
Theresa Adkisson, Lead Escrow Officer, Austin
Courtney Cochran, Lead Escrow Officer, Mid-Cities
Ashley Stephens, Lead Escrow Officer, Mid-Cities